Let me introduce myself.

Offbeat maiden, esoteric darling, and curly-haired calliope: my attempt at the most rudimentary of self-portraits. Warm, whimsical, all-natural, and petite, I revel in curious pleasures and simple delights of all form.


In my free time, I am often found lounging in a vintage slip with a good book (political theory, Irish mythology, a favorite novel, works of poetry), adorning myself in delicate tattoo art, or draping myself in beautiful sounds. I have history in various forms of dance, though these days prefer to slink around to balmy playlists at home or in good company. As a confessed habitué of experimental film, I frequent independent screenings across town. Inspired not only by the cultural crafts, I indulge in the deeply personal art of closeness as well.


The most precious endeavor is a powerful connection, breathing and forever in flux. Collapse with me into the arms of a divine transcendence—whether you seek an experience outside the predictability of everyday life or are simply a head-in-the-clouds romantic like myself, allow me to escort you through the inner workings of my otherworld.

All are welcome; people of any age (21+), race, ability, gender, and orientation are encouraged to contact me. Connect with me via social media in between rendezvous to bear witness to sights and secrets, or subscribe to my monthly newsletter for special insights and offerings.

xoxo, L


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