• Luka King

A love letter to the love month.

We made it!

February always seems to be a month of complex emotions; with the winter blues often at their peak, the month of love can be both incredible and challenging (much like love itself)! I was blessed this time around with an outpouring of sweetness and generosity and am closing out the month feeling incredibly grateful for your support in the past weeks. Thank you endlessly for the love and intimacy you share with me, it truly is a gift! I’m not always one for verbosity, so here is a sweet tune that speaks to my heart. Consider it a love letter—I hope it warms you as it does me.

In the midst of everything, I have taken a temporary step back from creating digital content as I pack up for my big apartment move. But I have some new and exciting projects in the works and can’t wait to get settled so I can make them a reality! If you’d like to help me housewarm, I’ve updated my wishlist with goodies for the new place, including content-making equipment (I miss pole dancing so much and would love to make some dancing clips!) and small domestic indulgences—my tip jar is always open as well! This next month, I’ll match the value of anything you contribute and take it off our next date together :-)

While ruminating on thoughts of what “home” means to me, I think I’ve stirred up some dormant nostalgia; once I get comfy in my new pad, I’m planning on making a visit to my old haunting grounds in the Pacific Northwest. If you’re a friend old or new and are interested in seeing me in Portland or Seattle in late March or early April, shoot me an email (or even better, fill out my booking form)! Pre-booking and a 25% deposit are required for tour dates, with a 90 minute minimum. Exact days are still to be determined, so feel free to let me know your availability in advance so I can set aside plenty of time for us together!

On another happy note, spring time is fast approaching! I’m looking forward to spending more time in the beautiful Bay Area hills; one of my favorite things to do during this time of year is go wildflower-picking. California poppies have been my favorite flower since I was just a little one, and that first glimpse of orange on the hillside each year never fails to win over my whole heart. I’m daydreaming about picnics in the grass, holding hands under the sun, and everything that comes after and in between. I’d love the company of a special someone…

Here’s to dreaming, friend. May all of ours come true.

xoxo, L

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