• Luka King

Going and going back.

I had originally intended on releasing these letters on the final day of each month as some sort of ritualistic deliverance, but that rule feels rigid to me now. Here is my early offering.

This month I took some amazing day trips, explored unfamiliar parts of the Bay, and got all settled in to my new apartment (thank you for helping me make it oh so cozy!)—just to turn around and plan a trip right back to my former home base! But more on that later. The point is, I’ve spent the month feeling excited for what the future brings while at the same time holding great reverence for all the moments that brought me here. I carry them with me wherever I move through the world. Moving is stressful, and I’ve spent many of my recent days lounging around in my mourning drapery bidding a bittersweet adieu to the cozy hug of winter and to the leisurely Northwest lifestyle I had grown accustomed to; enveloped in the throes of my musings on this and that, I haven’t yet begun to tackle some of the creative endeavors I had hoped to be working on by now. But I keep returning to a favorite poem I've loved for many years, one that has tenderly held my hand again and again over the years and speaks to a core belief of mine that everything will have its place; it's okay to just "be." Let me read it to you.

At this point, I'm sure I've mentioned that I used to be a dancer; it’s there that I found a deep love for movement (with no other purpose than to feel how it feels to feel in the first place) and learned that it's an amazing way to connect with myself (and with other people, too). I still slink around at home but it’s admittedly a lot different than being up there in the air—I’m excited to put equipment up that will allow me to float around again! I’m eager to get creative with it and will certainly be sharing some clips on my fan site soon. I also have a few photoshoots coming up with some immensely talented colleagues, and while I'm quite camera-shy, I'm interested in seeing how they interpret my essence!

As April arrives and spring has officially sprung, I’m preparing for my small trip up to Portland. If you missed the memo, I’ll be there from April 26-28 and have limited availability left! You may even be able to find me twirling in my old bar for a night or two. Looking ahead, I will also be in Albuquerque, NM from May 9-11 and in Portland again on May 26 for just one sweet afternoon. While these are short journeys, I’m always up for a day trip to places on the West coast (and longer FMTYs anywhere else) so never fear! Shoot me an email or even better, fill out my booking form—I’m now fully vaccinated and ripe for adventure.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to continuing to get into all kinds of trouble here at home. I recently found out about Foreign Cinema in San Francisco (forgive me if you're already privy to this; I'm still making new discoveries here!), where you can dine on an incredible menu while watching an outdoor film. I’d swoon at the chance to catch a dreamy evening there with a special someone! It’s still a month away, but my birthday is the first of May (let me not-so-subtly drop my wishlist here) and I’m already dreaming up all kinds of celebratory indulgences ;-)

On that note, go forth and be well! Warmth is in the air! You know where to find me.

xoxo, L

P.S. The photos above are by the lovely @clovenmoon on Instagram! She is based in Portland and does beautiful work; I think this expired film turned out so strange and gorgeous. Looking forward to sharing the results of my upcoming shoots in future musings!