• Luka King

Hero's journey.

These days, I subscribe only to what brings me magic. (Apologies in advance for the rather lengthy message, but I have a few important things to touch on. I promise I'm getting somewhere.) In Romance of the Grail: The Magic and Mystery of Arthurian Myth, Joseph Campbell wrote that in myths, when a community was under a spell, there would always be a number of people around who knew they were under a spell and knew the rules of the spell, but didn’t know how to break it. That’s led me to wonder about the spells the communities that I belong to are under, about what spells we as a collective are under, and about what the rules of those spells are that I personally know and abide by, but can’t (or don't) break despite knowing they don’t serve life.

In this spirit, I’ve spent much of the month working on creative endeavors, indulging in delicious meals, playing in sweet music and conversation, and delving into the raw splendor of human connection. I’ve found new ones and deepened others, and it’s really nothing short of holy. Amidst all the chaos of the world, I treasure these moments in perfect tenderness. You treat me so well and bestow upon me such vitality!

I try to remind myself of Campbell’s idea that the enchantment is always broken by “some naive person doing the thing that has to be done unintentionally, out of his true nature.” Not because I see myself as breaking spells but because in a backwards environment, doing things in a way that may be deemed absurd or not-normal or going against the grain might actually be a sign you’re headed in the right direction—I do my best to follow these tendencies in myself with the hope that somewhere, I might happen upon the divine and be transformed. And then maybe again, and again. There are trials along the way too, but I think it’s usually worth it.

When an obstacle appears, I do my best to receive it with grace and to pivot the best way I know how. You may have heard the recent news about OnlyFans, which was set to affect countless folks in my community of colleagues who have relied on the platform to some degree. This policy change was quickly retracted in response to public outcry, but the fact of the matter is that sex workers are always at risk for de-platforming on any site, at any time. While I prefer to focus on in-person connections (as that is what I love and where I shine), I have used the platform as a means of staying connected with those who only know me from afar, and for getting creative with different sides of my own expression. I will continue to post content there on occasion, but will be mostly focusing my energy on endeavors that I feel bring me more life at this point.

With that being said, I am excited to say that I am working on a Patreon project and will hopefully be moving forward on that platform sometime soon. I'll be sharing musings, personal photography and film projects, a mid-month livestream, and other sundry puzzle pieces from this life I live. Think of it as a sort of supplement to my monthly newsletters, but you’ll be hearing from me more often and in greater depth and reveal. If there's anything in particular you'd hope to see there, I'm all ears!

This is a frustrating and exhausting time for sex workers as a whole, so I encourage you to continue to tip and support your favorite beauties during this all-around trial and error period. Despite it all, I’m hopeful for a fresh start and new possibilities.

Onwards, against all odds. Moving into September, as a thank-you for your extended grace and support around myself and all I do, I’m holding a fall special: if you book 2 or more 2+ hour dates with me in the month of September, I’m offering 20% off each of our meetings. Please email me for further details or to inquire! Or perhaps you’d just like to join me for coffee and a stroll around the lake? Or go together to sample all the fresh fruit and delicacies at the farmers market in town? And just to add to all the other affairs, I will be returning to my beloved PDX September 29-30. My books are now open for my time there! To chasing those transcendent moments, wherever we find ourselves.

xoxo, L