• Luka King

May Queen.

I know! It’s still April! I’ll get to that in a moment.

Wow, what a whirlwind of a month it’s been. I’ve been truly touched this month by your generosity and incredible support. I’m so honored to have the opportunity to share such special moments with you; it really is a blessing and a half. I’ve gotten to explore so many neat places in the past few weeks and have been keeping myself busy with projects and creations. I just got some dreamy and magical visions back (these images above are just a couple of them!) from a recent photoshoot I did with some incredibly talented colleagues; I’ll be continuing to release them slowly on my fan site as well as on Twitter, so keep an eye out!

As I’ve been incessantly chatting about, it’s almost one of my favorite days (the first of May)—my birthday, but also the celebration of May Day, the ancient festival of spring. I've always been drawn to this day so rich in history, folklore, and beautiful color. I so admire these dreamy springtime traditions! (Unless you find yourself enveloped in the world of “The Wicker Man,” in which case it’s pretty unsettling. Regardless, it's a guilty pleasure film of mine. But I digress.) This is my first special day in years away from all my loved ones in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s admittedly a little bittersweet; I’ll accept all the sugar that makes its way to me! ;-) Should you feel so inclined, here are a few things on my wishlist that would absolutely delight.

Of course, as someone with serious socialist tendencies, I’m obligated to acknowledge that May Day is also International Workers’ Day: in honor of the powerful labor movements of the past and present, I wanted to read an excerpt from one of my favorite philosophers and revolutionary figures. I made a Soundcloud account so I can start uploading all my audio in one place! What should I read next?

Now for some quick housekeeping: As I begin to open up my schedule some more, I’m excited to introduce some gentle rate restructuring. Previous rates and procedures will be respected for existing friends, though please feel free to honor my new changes with me! You can check out my updated offerings on my website. In addition, to those of you who contributed to my pole fund: it’s finally on the way and so are your dance visions! It was on backorder for several weeks but is now making its way to me; one can only hope it will be here in time to do a proper celebratory maypole dance.

I’m heading to Portland tomorrow, and am so looking forward to connecting with those of you who reached out. Soon after that, I’m headed to New Mexico—I’ve always wanted to see the beautiful deserts of the Southwest and am looking forward to a few much-needed days off the grid!

After my return, I look forward to catching up with everyone back home here. As of a couple days ago, the SF Opera has resurrected its in-person performances at the Marin Center—I believe The Barber of Seville is on the bill, and if you’re like me and have never attended a live opera (or even if you have)… Well, maybe we can catch dinner and a show when I’m back! The symphony is really where my heart lies, but their virtual shows have been keeping my longing at bay until it's possible to return in person. My schedule is open through May and beyond for sweet encounters of all kinds :-)

Thanks for bearing with me through this lengthy note. The world is in bloom! Let's play!

xoxo, L