• Luka King

Something bittersweet.

I believe in the divine timing of things. A lot has happened since I wrote to you from the dreamy fairytale world of last month's newsletter offering. Shortly after returning from my most recent visit to Chicago, I was presented with an amazing opportunity there in one of my personal endeavors—albeit, an opportunity that would mean packing up my life and embarking on a cross-country move with just a few weeks' notice. Forever a woman of whimsy, I've always done things based on the raw pull of intuition—call it unruly if you wish, but it's the way I like to live. For some reason I can't quite put a name to yet, I feel moved to play along with whatever is siren-singing to me out there. You'll notice that I'm sharing this month's offering with you a little earlier than usual; I'll only be available here in the Bay Area until the end of October before I part ways. And so, here I go!

While reflecting on the full and busy past few weeks, I realized that this coming month will be my one year anniversary of being Luka. While she is I and I am she, I find myself with a new appreciation for the power of a name. Luka—"bringer of light"—has done just that; I have never known so much joy, love, liberation, and bliss as I have this past year. The universe works in mysterious ways (if not a little cosmically laughable sometimes); of course, then, I would be called to such a weighty adventure on such a sentimental occasion! This mark of time makes my departure all the more bittersweet; as I prepare to bid adieu for now to the beautiful community and incredible souls I have connected with here in the Bay Area, I am taking some extra moments to appreciate you and the precious pockets of life you have shared with me here. Thank you for being a part of my beginning chapter. Yours is a first love I'll take with me everywhere.

And of course, it's not really goodbye—California is where my roots are. It's where I always take refuge when I want some direction (and I imagine I'll be needing a good amount of that as I attempt to orient myself on this unknown and strange-to-me path). I have plans to visit each month, and I hope we can reunite upon my return. I'll continue to share my travel plans here via my newsletter and blog, as well as on social media. Please do stay in touch!

As much as I relish in the melodrama of an emotionally-charged exit, I equally enjoy the pomp and circumstance of grand entrance. This is a celebration, after all. Equal parts housewarming and anniversary, the upcoming month in my new Chicago home will be of lofty personal significance. I'm excited for what it holds, and I hope you'll join me as I sink my teeth into this new and shiny affair. In this spirit, my November date special is as follows: We lean into the playful tension of a new spark with a sultry evening of jazz and gin (or your beverage of choice) at the historic Green Mill jazz club (in the Bay Area, Club Deluxe is a favorite). Teased by moody lights and the tension of the sound, we head out into the night to indulge in our own improvisations. (4 hours, 1200) I'll be available in Chicago starting November 9th—my books are open!

My November availability will be somewhat limited as I take time to unpack and unwind from the big move. If you care to contribute to the daunting task of settling in (or just to say happy anniversary!), I've set up a little housewarming wishlist with a few items that might help me start to feel at home. But really, the best way to show me a warm welcome is by planning a date to introduce me your favorite spot around town or just to share in each other's company. Let's dive right in.

Godspeed and catch me if you can!

xoxo, L



We lean into the playful tension of spark with a sultry evening of jazz and gin (or your beverage of choice) at my favorite jazz club in town. Teased by moody lights and the tension of the sound, we head out into the night to surrender to our own improvisations. (4 hours, 1200)


9-13: chicago

14-15: los angeles

16-21: chicago

22-25: sf bay area

26-30: chicago


1-23: chicago

24-27: sf bay area

28-31: chicago

If you don't see a preferred location, pre-booking a date of 4+ hours can coax me to your corner of the world. I am also available for FMTY trips domestically and internationally.