Delight me.


The art of giving! These are my sizes and a small collection of items that have caught my eye; gifts are never expected, but always graciously accepted. Treasures can be discreetly sent to my doorstep or presented when we meet. E-gift cards can be made out to

It's important to me to live a full and rich life; as such, I place a high value on community and experiences. If you'd like to contribute to a dance class, my morning matcha and small talk with the barista at my favored coffee shop, a dear-to-my-heart outreach/aid organization, my next tattoo, or something else, feel free to send me a tip from afar.

I adore treats such as tea, dark chocolate, light charcuterie, mead, and fresh fruit—at their best and sweetest when enjoyed along with the pleasure of your company.

Bust: 34D | Dresses & Slips: 4/6 | Panties: S/M | Shoes: US 7, EUR 37/38